• 10Aug
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    In a lot of ways insuring a caravan is like insuring car, only more complex. Therefore in many cases it makes sense to have your car insurance and your caravan insurance with the same company. This is not always true of course but there are benefits to doing . At the very least it is something that you are going to want to look into.

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  • 10Dec

    You have a car and a caravan and want to cover them under one single policy, right? You do not want to pay the extra amount that might be required if you go in for individual policies for both of them. There are many others like you that face the same problem. There is good news for you all. Insurance organizations do permit you to cover both your car insurance and caravan insurance under one single policy. For this you have to take a comprehensive group policy that will cover both the vehicles.

    Though this policy costs more than the other policies, it covers both the vehicles against all types of misfortunes including first party. However this task is best left in the hands of experienced insurance agents. Hence you should seek the help of an agent who is fully conversant with different types of policies including comprehensive group policy. You might also study more about the same on the Internet to get a basic idea of the same. You should remember that the insurance company wants to insure all your cars and would not love to see any business from your end to go somewhere else.

  • 03Oct

    There are assortments of companies offering diverse types of caravan insurance in the UK and Europe.

    If you own a prestigious caravan or motor home, you need to consider many alternatives to guard your asset since owning a caravan is an investment for many. If you are involved in an accident, damage caused due to nature like storm or flood or someone even steals your cherished possession, to make good the losses it is only insurance that come into play. And that is why caravan insurance is one of the fastest growing insurance sectors in the Europe and UK these days. With more and more travelers are there within the UK and Europe for their holidays and mostly with auto homes, this sector becomes more trendy and growth in caravan insurance is always steady. With insurance for your caravan or motor home then you can rest easy, this will protect you against any unforeseen circumstances.

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  • 16Sep

    Caravan insurance is no way unique traditional cover insurance, and traditional insurance providers do not offer this exclusive type of insurance. The two types of caravan popular in Europe and the UK are the static caravan and the touring caravan. Both types need to be insured, both static and touring caravans need different forms of insurance policy to cover various perils or risks.

    There are a range of companies offering diverse types of caravan insurance in the UK. Caravan insurance is a definite form of insurance cover that covers touring caravan and static caravan vehicles.

    Touring caravans are open to road risks like accidents and collisions and natural calamities such as bad weather and storm. Static caravans are subjected and exposed to natural risks like bad weather and the up-rooting of trees. Theft is another form of risk that the two types of caravans has to face, therefore your insurance be supposed to contain protection against theft as the majority of the policies do. Like auto insurance, but for your caravan.

    Crashed Caravan

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  • 03Sep

    A holiday is your chance to rest, lighten up, and refresh and to catch up with family and friends. Travel Protection insurance protects your travel venture if your trip is given up for illness or injury or on the death of a family member. If you have to break up your trip or come back home early for a personal reasons, the plan will recompense travel arrangements and the extra travel expense to go back home or rejoin your journey.

    caravan travel insuranceAn insurance that cover most of your travel sufferings becomes essential when you are traveling domestic as well as abroad. If you are in you are traveling within your country locations, it is advisable that your journey is secured by insurance, limiting your risk of travel damages. To decide which insurance type is squarely applicable and helpful to you is the first step before you finalize the insurance company and the package. Baggage insurance, Accidental death insurance, medical causality insurance and Trip cancellation insurance are the few popular types of insurance designed to give the travelers excellent cover when they are touring.

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    We have all been in touch with the rising oil prices and fuel prices - and it's up to companies like Sentry Energy to start changing that dynamic from within the US!

  • 28Aug

    The static caravan and the touring caravan are the two types of caravan popular in Europe and the UK.

    The touring caravan is the one which is tugged behind a motor vehicle. This allows the owners to travel extensively in Europe and the UK benefiting the facilities of caravanning sites.Touring caravans is always a major financial investment. Being an investment, touring caravan needs to be insured and protected against loss from theft, accident and fire. Most policies do cover these risks and more. There is also a necessity for a third party liability, to indemnify you to protect yourself against the claims made by third party. The static caravan is generally an almost permanent station on a caravan site mostly supported with power, water and drainage.

    Both types needs to be insured, when it comes to insurance, both static and touring caravans need different forms of insurance policy to cover various perils or risks. A static caravan is open to the elements of risks from nature namely flooding of the site, cyclone and falling of trees etc. in the case of the touring caravan, it is prone to the risks of the road accidents such as collisions with other vehicles and accidents caused by other factors. There is risk common to both, that is the risk of caravan theft, which is the most common risks faced by owners of both types of caravan and which is ought to be insured.

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    Caravan Insurance is one of the less-known types of insurance, but for people who travel around with one, they know: it's such an important thing, not insuring it would be ridiculous!

  • 16Jul

    For a caravan traveler, it is significant to obtain an insurance coverage to the caravan itself, as well as to its luggage and furnishings and more over for your personal possessions.

    When the traveler gets involved in an accident, his car insurance policy will not indemnify any damage or injury caused by the caravan, therefore it is very important that you provide yourself with specialist insurance cover before starting. Normally car insurance policies do not help you to cover the caravan damages. There are selected companies that give you facilities for add-on plans, which will help you to get secured your caravan along with your car insurance.

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